We’re excited to provide you with more information about the program for TrustCon 2022! As additional speakers confirm, we’ll be updating this page. Expect to see a full agenda (including which sessions are virtual, in-person, or both) with session dates and times soon!

What You Can Expect

In-Person Program
The in-person agenda will include workshops about topics ranging from data analytics in T&S to threat modeling for intimate partner violence to scalable training for vendor programs to how T&S professionals can engage with policy makers. On the second day of the in-person agenda, TrustCon will feature a track devoted to careers in T&S.

Virtual Program
The virtual program will include streaming sessions from Palo Alto, virtual-only events, and pre-recorded presentations, which will be available to watch on-demand. Presentation topics will include: AI in T&S, relationships between product and policy, transparency and reporting, collaborating with users, cultural awareness and diversity in policy and teambuilding, and safety by design.

APAC and EMEA will each have tailored virtual agendas, designed to highlight streamed programming from Palo Alto, deliver relevant and timely virtual programming, and provide community members with opportunities to connect with one another.

Session Topics and Speakers

We’re thrilled to announce that Del Harvey, former Head of Trust and Safety at Twitter will be our opening keynote. The closing keynote will be an intimate chat with TSPA co-founders about the future of trust and safety. 

Lightning Talks
The Palo Alto program will include a series of lightning talks by presenters from industry, civil society, and academia.

  • "Fighting Misinformation About Misinformation Enforcement" by Carina Iverson, Content Policy Senior Manager, Pinterest
  • "Holding Meta Accountable: The Oversight Board’s Data & Implementation Team" by Naomi Shiffman, Head of Data & Implementation, Oversight Board
  • "How to Support Safe Online Conversations About Mental Well-Being" by Ryn Linthicum, Product Policy Manager, ByteDance
  • "How We Built This: Expert Working Groups" by Yvonne Lee, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Meta
  • "Lightning in a Bottle: Catching Policy-Violating Tweets Before They Go Viral" by Maggie Engler, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Twitter
  • "Online Content Regulation in South Korea" by Inyoung Cheong, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Washington School of Law
  • "Scaling Moderation Through Tool Unification" by Paul Sanders, Senior Software Engineering Manager, Trust and Safety, Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • "Understanding and Countering Extremist Mobilization on Encrypted Messaging Applications" by Rafi Lazerson, MPA Candidate, Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, UC Berkeley

Both the in-person program in Palo Alto and the virtual program will feature panels with T&S professionals, civil society and law enforcement leaders, journalists, and more.

  • A Panel on Procedural Justice, in Theory and Practice
  • Can Journalists Make Tech Platforms More Trustworthy?
  • Content Moderation – It’s Not Just for Platforms Anymore
  • How to Build a Career in T&S - A Panel from Experts Who Have Walked the Walk
  • Joining Forces to End Illegal Wildlife Sales Online
  • The Future of Online Governance
  • The Oversight Board Two Years On: Aligning Content Moderation with Human Rights
  • Public Safety’s Shared Mission: Straight Talk with Law Enforcement Leaders

Both the in person program in Palo Alto and the virtual program will include 20-minute presentations covering a range of topics.

  • "AI and Automation in Trust & Safety" by James Gresham, Senior Data Scientist, Shopify
  • "Approaches to Measuring Fairness in AI Systems" by Corrine Wong, Program Manager, Meta
  • "Behind the Scenes of Bad Actor Tactics" by Inbal Goldberger, VP Trust and Safety, ActiveFence
  • "Benefits and Pitfalls in Collaborating with Users to Address Trust and Safety Challenges” by Joseph Seering, Postdoctoral Researcher, Stanford University
  • "Embedding Transparency and Accountability into Online Counterterrorism Efforts" by Isabelle Arnson, Policy and Research, and Maygane Janin, Policy Manager, Tech Against Terrorism
  • "How to Scale Policy Effectively" by Scott Pluta, Head of Policy Operations & Strategy, Global Policy & Standards, Google
  • "How and When to Trust our Users? Navigating trust in Counter Abuse Space" by Marta Zarzycka, UX Researcher, Google
  • "Product & Policy: How to Go from Polar Opposites to Best Friends" by Kaitlin Sullivan, Director, Content Policy, Meta
  • "Safety by Design for Trust & Safety" by Julie Inman Grant, eSafety Commissioner of Australia
  • "Tech’s Shadow Workforce: How the Industry’s Reliance on Disproportionately Diverse, Segregated, and Underpaid Contingent Workers Exacerbates Inequality" by Hannah Holloway, Director of Policy & Research, TechEquity Collaborative    
  • "Using Data to Evaluate Policy Effectiveness" by Randall Tran

The Palo Alto program will also include four engaging and interactive 90-minute workshops.

  • "Data Analytics in Trust and Safety" facilitated by James Gresham on behalf of the TSPA Curriculum Working Group
  • "How Trust and Safety Professionals Can Successfully Talk to Congress About Content Moderation and Other Policy Issues" facilitated by Ronnie Hodgkinson, Associate, and Joshua Lamel, Founder, InSight Public Affairs
  • "Training Strategy for Content Moderation at Any Scale" facilitated by Dan Lavelle, Global Head of Training, Trust & Safety, Google
  • "Threat Modeling for Intimate Partner Violence" facilitated by Toby Shulruff, Technology Safety Project Manager, and Erica Olsen, Safety Net Project Director, National Network to End Domestic Violence